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About the thickness of integrated ceiling tiles

Time:2019-07-04 Views:289

Currently integrated aluminum ceiling tiles market was mixed, disorganized. Many vendors , profiteers are often insufficient understanding of the use of consumer products , shoddy, perpetrating a fraud , and therefore allow consumers to understand some aspects of the aluminum buckle is very necessary to buy common sense, for the integrated aluminum ceiling tile production line.

Lvkou material is a key factor to consider when purchasing . Many consumers are mostly a misunderstanding : the thicker the better plates , hardness , the stronger the better. Many manufacturers and profiteers will often take advantage of this consumer psychology, or the surface of the substrate using the Lvkou fuss , increasing the thickness of the coating or coating to improve the overall thickness of the gusset , and some even hesitate extensive use of chromium , lead, mercury recycling aluminum scrap and other harmful substances ( recycling only high quality aluminum scrap costs even less than half ) . This Lvkou low base price , hardness, thickness and can cater to unsuspecting consumer psychology, very deceptive .

In fact , considering the use of home improvement products and installation works span the requirements under the premise of high quality aluminum , experts recommend the use of home improvement and construction Lvkou thickness of 0.6mm and 0.8mm. Because the thickness of the aluminum buckle is the best cost-effective , fully able to meet the load strength. If the thickness of the thicker again , not only a waste of resources , but also increases the consumer unnecessary economic burden. Even some foreign brands , thanks to the aluminum substrate material is very good, the thickness of only 0.45mm. Therefore, consumers in the purchase of aluminum buckle , plate thickness alone can not judge the quality of the plate , the plate needs to be clear that the consumer is the judge Lvkou material quality standards , good toughness and strength suitable for aluminum , recycling aluminum hardness often very hard, but the toughness was poor.

However, due to the identification of the aluminum material is more complex, there is no specialized equipment , on-site scientific identification is almost impossible , but there are some simple, intuitive way to introduce to you :

1 , the observed thickness of the coating or coating product , substrate thickness , good Lvkou coating basically only 0.02 ~ 0.03mm, film thickness of only 0.15mm or less often , poor Lvkou often aluminum plate and aluminum pinch play tricks on coating or film , usually used to reduce the thickness of the aluminum plate , aluminum plate in a few multi- spray coating or film with a very thick , and even some Lvkou aluminum plate on the market only 0.15mm , film there is 0.4mm. Lvkou substrate is too thin, too thick a coating or film also make Lvkou performance.

2 , as observed Lvkou exposed aluminum sections , etc. are fine crystalline , whether gray, dark and impurities.

3, with a finger flip Lvkou , material better Lvkou metal sound obvious , clear , material less nausea, metallic sound obvious.

4 , do not think the price as low as possible , a sub-price goods, the saying goes, "Only buy wrong, did not sell the wrong ." Generally the price is lower than 100 yuan , which can be recycled aluminum determination , even a considerable number of brands forced pressure of market competition , but also at lower cost way of using recycled aluminum sales or OEM . Of course need to beware of unscrupulous shoddy, inflated retail prices , give consumers greater discounts, many consumers when it is easy on this .

5 , caring service, quality materials , understanding fees is very important because some dealers money market income, the follow-up service , commitment to quality on the character did not write it.

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