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Advantages of different Ceiling Products

Time:2019-07-04 Views:136
There are two on the ceiling , said the current law , known as the traditional ceiling, another called integrated ceiling tile making machine or the overall ceiling . The former mainly focus on the data and ignore the ceiling and ceiling matching appliances and room with all the style ; latter is integrated ceiling products in addition to the quality , color, craft and down time, but also pay attention to match results to the kitchen and bathroom appliances to meet the needs of different decor .

First, the history of the development ceiling

1, the first on behalf of gypsum board, mineral wool board

Gypsum board gypsum as the main material, adding fiber , bonding agents , modifiers, by mixing repression, drying.

Advantages: easy to shape and relatively low prices

Defects : easy to scrub , drab colors , and easy to change , installation complexity .
2, the second took the PVC

Full name Polyvinylchlorid, mainly composed of polyvinyl chloride, colors brighter , corrosion resistance , durable, in the manufacturing process of adding a plasticizer , anti-aging agents toxic adjuvant data to enhance its heat resistance, toughness , ductility and so on.

Advantages: easily flammable, high strength , and excellent resistance to climate change of the geometric invariance of oxidants, recovery agents and strong acids have a strong resistance.

Defects Disadvantages: can be concentrated oxidizing acids such as concentrated sulfuric acid, concentrated nitric acid corrosion and does not apply and aromatic hydrocarbons, chlorinated hydrocarbons in contact situations ; not environmentally friendly, and easy to change , poor oxidation resistance , no moisture, no fire .

3, the third generation of metal ceilings

Aluminum ceiling is commonly used in aluminum ceiling : the use of aluminum or aluminum alloy material for the substrate and its surface is made after different surface treatment process processing.

Advantages: fire, moisture , acid, anti- smoke , easy to clean , environmentally friendly, recyclable , rich colors.

Defects : the price is relatively gypsum board , PVC and other materials is a little high .

Second, the development prospects of smallpox Lvkou

Because Lvkou plate more, smooth lines, color, variety, good appearance , more fire, moisture, easy to install , easy to clean features , designers and customers according to the color of the furniture and flooring colors to choose ceiling so favored by consumers , has been recognized by the world . From the ceiling gypsum board , mineral wool board , PVC, aluminum buckle development has been quite a long time . Spray only when Lvkou early advent of plate , and then roll back the development of film , ( which film used for home improvement, ) this film now on the market for the PVC film , produced in Japan, emerged in a PET film , and more environmental protection, this seems to Lvkou prospects in the coming years is very good .

Third, smallpox brands on the market

Aluminum ceiling on the market now many manufacturers , in the supermarket , the main foreign brands , " the Dutch music Sloan ," U.S. " Simon" , well-known brands are "European ", " Oswald beauty" and so on. In fact, most of the so-called imported brands of imported technology and imported production lines, their land and raw materials production plants are in the country .

Fourth, the major determinant of Lvkou quality, price positioning

Aluminum material for aluminum ceiling are rarely useful for aluminum . However, due to the different resulting in different mechanical properties of aluminum alloys , the ceiling material for the domestic aluminum metal content is approximately divided into five grades :

First grade : aluminum-magnesium alloy , while containing some manganese , the biggest advantage of this material is a good antioxidant capacity, and because there is manganese content , and therefore has a certain strength and stiffness , is the best material to make smallpox . The performance of the domestic aluminum smelter west of the most stable .

Second grade : aluminum-manganese alloy , the material strength and stiffness slightly better than aluminum-magnesium alloy . But slightly lower antioxidant capacity of aluminum-magnesium alloy . If both sides protective treatment , basically solved the antioxidant capacity shortcomings better than a good aluminum-magnesium alloy , aluminum performance of domestic Ruimin Aluminum most stable .

Third grade : aluminum, manganese alloy , and less magnesium content . So its strength and stiffness were significantly lower magnesium alloy and aluminum-manganese alloy . Because of its soft, easy to process , as long as a certain thickness to meet the basic requirements of smallpox basic flatness . But it was not as good antioxidant capacity aluminum-magnesium alloy and aluminum-manganese alloy . And processing and transportation and installation process easy deformation.

Fourth grade : ordinary aluminum alloy, the mechanical properties of this material is not very stable.

Fifth grade : This board is the raw material of aluminum melting plant will be tied into aluminum ingots , do not control the chemical composition . Because the chemical composition of control, the performance of these materials is very unstable , resulting in severe uneven surface of the product , product deformation, and easily oxidized .

From the above there are several grades of raw materials of points , we can easily analyze each of the ceiling after forming quality assurance. The best Lvkou , their main raw materials are used in the aluminum -magnesium alloy plate Southwest Ruimin Aluminum and aluminum -manganese alloy plate . Now many people think that the thicker plate like , there are several kinds of raw materials through the above analysis we can know , in the case the same raw material , then the better the thicker the plate, but the case of the fifth grade plate , then thick is not. Another on the surface treatment, some manufacturers of raw materials have not reached a certain thickness, but the thickness of this statement in order to pursue , in the surface treatment, the more spray a layer of paint . Ordinary consumers buy Lvkou the original plate material can not have a good understanding of the easiest way to hand the feeling of strength and hardness of aluminum .

V. Analysis of surface treatment

Currently ceiling surface treatment are: film , roller , spray three, including best film board .

Currently coating material is good "LG" Korean company‘s products , the film prior to smallpox, is mainly used for refrigerators, washing machines and other household appliances . After years of tests, its performance is stable , fully guaranteed commitment of fifteen years do not change color . Now the market has a lot of ceiling surface treatment also called film , but the film is a country , after forming plate called laminating film board. There is a pearl panels , film faced plywood surface looks similar, it simply can not film , it is only when the electrostatic spraying , in advance plus pearl powder spraying paint inside . This plate prone to color, generally two or three years will change color , paint chips .

Roll plate is coated with primer and paint the front , back painted composite metal panels.

The first generation of products : Spray plate surface treatment process is as follows :

Semi-finished products - oil - Cleaning - chromium - drying ( dry ) - electrostatic powder coating - curing , cooling - down pieces and test - packaging and storage .

Market better spray plate surface using " Akzo " Paint Co. provided " epoxy " Electrostatic powder coating adhesion a gloss of 18 degrees , no color, no bubbles, no plot particles , weather resistance ( indoor 10 )

Good spray plate before spraying the surface after passivation, the surface with a sharp blade to any part of the planned cross- small cell 1MM * 1MM , using medical tape sticky tear , the coating does not fall off , and from washing 100 times , the surface without damage.

Second -generation products : roller plate surface treatment process is as follows :

Roll plate has paint, primer , paint the back , back painted mainly played antioxidant, make it last longer .

Semi-finished products - the machine - shaping - parts and tested under - packaging and storage .

Roll plate surface uniform, smooth , seamless coating, significant shrinkage defects , scratches, shedding . But the surface bubbles , pits , inclusions and other trace defects, which is a normal phenomenon .

Third generation : Film board surface treatment process is as follows :

Plate surface treatment and coating processes consistent with pre-coated plates , but the surface layer is coated plates (PVC film ) ;

Coated board surface solid paste , no wrinkles , scratches , loss, leakage stickers and other obvious defects. But there is a small amount microfold , allowing the inner surface irregularities and other defects in the width direction of the two sides of 0.2MM.

These can be seen from the above basically decided Lvkou First inherent quality aluminum substrate , the second is a surface treatment process.
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