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Basic Knowledge of Aluminum Ceiling Panels

Time:2019-07-04 Views:153

What is Lvkou 1 , Lvkou : A 20 Century 90 A new era of home improvement ceiling material appearing , mainly used for kitchen and bathroom ceiling works . Since The whole project Lvkou use all-metal build, surrounded on life and ability , superior in PVC Material gusset smallpox.

Home Lvkou installed in accordance with the shape in the country is divided into categories : Cartesian Lvkou and bevel Lvkou . ( Since the bevel is not conducive to the work of the late scrub , So a lot of the market generally use : right angle , but not much difference right angle and bevel on the price) Lvkou home improvement work in the country in accordance with the surface treatment Art is divided into categories : painting aluminum buckle , roller Lvkou , film Lvkou three kinds of categories. ( Three kinds of categories Lvkou life back in order Increases, the performance increase ) in home improvement Lvkou : Film Lvkou mask according to the source table can be divided into : Domestic pearlescent coating aluminum buckle , Imported pearlescent coating aluminum buckle , LG Pearlescent coating Lvkou ( Film Lvkou turn back and gradually increase the life and performance ) Usually sprayed aluminum Pinch of normal life should be: 5-10 Years , roller Lvkou normal life should be: 7-15 Years ; film Lvkou normal so The useful life should be: 10-30 Years . But there are many on the market, the actual life of substandard products are not up to this standard. 2

Aluminum alloy with good corrosion pinch , shockproof , waterproof, fireproof , acoustic performance , smooth surface. Divided by the shape of the strip , square, grill Shaped, But grille shape is not used in the kitchen , Bathroom ceiling ; The maximum specifications rectangular plate 600mm * 600mm, 300mm * 300mm aluminum perforated ceiling tile production line , The width of the room in general about 5

Meters, a larger selection of bedroom decor overall stronger sense of a long strip of sheet , strip Lvkou range of applications currently on the market The most widely visible to different specifications. Strip length is generally Lvkou general specifications 3 M 4 M two kinds ; width 3 Cm to 30 Between centimeter

Touch a variety of specifications ; sheet thickness is generally 0.4 ~ 0.9 Between mm. Decoration of a small room can be used in general 300mm * 300mm The . Since gold

The metal plate is poor insulating properties , in order to obtain a sound absorbing , heat insulating function , the choice of the metal ceiling plate decorated glass can be used with added Glass , cotton, wool and other insulation acoustic insulation and sound absorbing material way to achieve the effect .

PVC Compare board ceilings and metal ceilings Lvkou PVC Board to PVC

As raw materials, waterproof , moisture-proof , moth . Containing flame-retardant materials , so safe to use. PVC Most boards with plain mainly, but also Imitation pattern, Imitation marbling .

Its cross-section mesh honeycomb structure, Molding on both sides of the tongue and groove and mortise , It is the details of the selection , Requirements tongue and groove and mortise complete flat , smooth bite each other , no ups and downs and the height difference between the local phenomenon . PVC Boards per square meter 12 To 20 Yu Yuan is not Etc. , can be described as inexpensive. However, due to the high temperature performance is poor , for kitchens, bathrooms and other hot environments easily deformed.

Aluminum flower board fire, moisture, anti-static, sound-absorbing insulation, and beautiful and practical. But higher prices, usually imported to a hundred dollars per square meter multi- Above , but also made ​​fifty or sixty dollars. Aluminum flower plate punching and flat surfaces have two kinds. Ventilation sound-absorbing surfaces can punch , pinch internal layer of thin Film padded , moisture can be absorbed through the punching film , so it is most suitable for kitchen use more water .

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