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Brief Introduction of Aluminum Ceiling Material

Time:2019-07-04 Views:162

Metal ceiling from the United States and other countries in Europe , ten years ago , is regarded as high-grade aluminum metal ceiling production line products , home and rarely used now follow the transformation process improvement and technology, aluminum ceiling on the price began to become justice of metal ceiling is mainly used in airports , railway stations , office buildings , shopping malls , subway stations and residential spaces , in home improvement is mainly used for kitchen and bathroom.

Aluminum ceiling material

Most people correcting an idea first , and Lvkou not thicker the better , as the ceiling is not like people to step on the floor , the ceiling will be more thin and sturdy affordable hub is selection, then thick material differences useless error . Currently on the market, domestic aluminum buckle Material recycled aluminum and SWA , recycled aluminum do not explain , can be understood literally , means the SWA is not produced in the southwest area of aluminum, but refers Southwest Aluminum body , the group is located in Chongqing , China‘s largest production scale , technology and equipment to improve the most senior, the most complete varieties and specifications of large aluminum companies , China is high, raw and refined aluminum base . Our aerospace aluminum are used in the Southwest , like domestic brands Lvkou selection of manufacturers are SWA . Recycled aluminum and the biggest difference is that SWA toughness and strength , the bending force quality Lvkou still return to its original flatness, and a relatively poor board know.

Aluminum ceiling surface treatment

Surface treatment Lvkou mainly spray, roller and laminating film , followed by the development of technology , new surface treatment technology are emerging.

Spraying , after the aluminum surface coating made ​​by drying the paint color . Good spray plate color distribution average , the difference will be seen from the side board color corrugated distribution . Mostly matte painting , folding and right angle bevel two kinds. Be sure to spray plate by drying , the film was so strong . Only aluminum ceiling paint treatment , the positive and negative sides of the color is consistent , and the pros and cons of different color via paint handling .

Roller, the aluminum sheet was degreased and chemical treatment , roll coating quality , made ​​of dried and cured . Flatness of the film roll board table than spraying board. The brilliance of pearl and matt on the market in the city of love , mostly common pearl .

Film , with painted aluminum as base material, selection of high film or membrane Symphony , professional adhesive coated board composite. Bright gloss coated board , can choose color varieties, waterproof fire , with excellent durability and stain resistance , superior UV protection function . Film of the entrance and domestic film membrane durability entrance film gloss better than the domestic film ! Quality and more choice on the market Lvkou Korea LG film thickness should be about 0.6mm Lvkou

Drawing, which is a new surface treatment technology , which is based on aluminum as the base material , the use of imported cloth round diamond pattern surface pulled by a variety of chemical -pressure , roller and other treatment from . Surface luster bright, average , strong fashion sense , gives a strong visual impact.

Aluminum ceiling shape , size

There are commonly used in home decoration bar and square shape , shaped grille smallpox and smallpox used for public equipment . Bar common specifications for 10,15 cm, rectangular common specifications for the 30 × 30cm. Lvkou pricing of scale , almost no loss. To purchase 10 cm wide strip board, for example , if your house 3.08 meters long , 2.45 meters wide, with the long side of the laying direction , 2.45 ÷ 0.1 = 24.5, then you need to buy 25 long 3.08 m of Lvkou the ultimate payment of 25 × 0.1 × 3.08 × unit price.

Aluminum ceiling fittings

Lvkou be used to install light steel keel , pinch direct debit to the metal frame of the bayonet on it. It is noted that there are two installation methods, one is wood keel law, that the first fixed wooden keel , light steel keel and then mounted on wooden keel , and finally install the gusset plate ; other is a boom ( hanging bars ) Act directly to the metal frame with a boom mounted on the roof. Because long wood in a wet environment of the keel will be deformed sparking Lvkou deformation. Quality Lvkou are used boom installation method.

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