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Brief Introduction of Integrated Ceiling Products

Time:2019-07-04 Views:255

Briefly, the metal ceiling making machine makingmodule is integrated ceiling and electrical modules are made ​​into a standard module may be combined , integrated installation only. But do not underestimate this " integrated " behavior, this " integration " is characterized by very clear - 1 of pretty " top" : kitchen ceiling is different from the previous installation Yuba rigidly or ventilation fans or lights effect after the integrated ceiling installation is no longer seen stiff mix, but beautiful and coordinated top shape . 2 Function "top" : independent heating lamp , independent lighting, separate ventilation fans, can be reasonably arranged installation location , to overcome the traditional Yuba mounting position of embarrassment, heating lamp can be mounted directly above the shower area , lights in the middle of the room or location to install the sink , fan mounted above the toilet , thereby allowing each function are placed in the spatial location of the most needed . Durable 3 "top" : Yuba traditional products will combine as many features hard one, and takes the form of pan -wrapped . Thus during use , since the power is very high , also along the machine temperature rise, which reduce the life of components . And after each functional module integrated ceiling split open split installation using the installation of electrical components to enhance the life of more than 3 times .

Safe home

Integrated ceiling are carefully designed , professional installation to complete its line layout , ventilation, heating effect is rigorously designed to test all people-oriented , compared to traditional ceiling too casual no security at all. Green energy

Various functions integrated hanging items are independent, warm lights can be installed according to the actual needs of the location and quantity of traditional hanging items are used Yuba heating, it has great limitations , heating location is too concentrated, integrated ceiling overcome these shortcomings , heating range, and uniform, three warm Yuba four lamps can achieve the effect of warm light , green energy . With freedom to choose

Various functional components integrated ceiling is absolutely independent, you can be the kitchen , bathroom size, tile colors, their preferences to select the desired ceiling panels , in addition to heating components, ventilation components, lighting components have multiple choice based on freedom match.

Comprehensive price is high

Integrated ceiling unit price is higher than the traditional hanging items , but to know that it is made ​​of machined from high quality aluminum , the traditional hanging items are mostly made ​​of plastic processing , integrated ceiling up to 50 years of life , and the life of a traditional ceiling only about 10 years ( prone to aging ) .

A rise in the overall ceiling industry

Starting in the 1990s , people started to pay attention to upgrade the floor , so all kinds of flooring , tiles surging, however, focus on the ceiling they did not spread into the 21st century, large numbers of art smallpox brought the ordinary consumer is more thinking , because in addition to a few simple ceiling mosaic panels , the installation of the ceiling is a very professional design problem .

In 2003 , the advent of the overall ceiling , so that ordinary consumers have their own impulses easily swap ceiling , simple installation versatile portfolio of modular design, heating, lighting , ventilation , ceiling and other decorative arts , snap the everyone can get involved, this is a revolution against the ceiling .

Overall ceiling industry after two or three years of development, already sprung to the end of 2007, its market share would have reached twenty or thirty million , an increase of more than 50% ; however relatively ceiling hundred million a year industry, only 15 % of market capacity, obviously hard to say overall ceiling ceiling category category will be replaced immediately . Behind this rapid development, obviously needs more enterprises to engage in collective thinking.

B universal key industry issues

Starting from the birth of the overall ceiling , the dispute has continued, we have just started called integrated ceiling , also called the overall ceiling , as well as a combination called ceiling , ceiling systems , more used only in the bathroom and called bath top Although from the point of view of professional terminology usage , understandable , but it is for the general public , they encountered a major problem.

After a survey , we found that 80% of people in the community is unknown Bai Jicheng ceiling, why the overall ceiling materials , construction machinery have guessed , there are guessing containers , and ceiling thousands of miles apart , especially those with a decoration company , the general public do not have contact with the real estate professionals is Ruzhui clouds , in fact, " ceiling " of the term belongs decoration industry professional engineering term , " integrated " will make more people understand the integrated circuit board. Although in recent years the popularity , there have been quite a lot of people have to understand why the integrated ceiling material , but they have also become a consumer of the consumer , because the repeated installation of ceiling consumers are in the minority .

As the development of a new industry , it is essential consumer guide and nurture , when all the industries and enterprises in the confined concept patchwork , when to call an industry becomes one of only practitioners came to understand the words , when the all industries and enterprises technology products , said method for you to compete , the film Fox has begun to nurture and guide consumers to enter the in-depth thinking : integrated ceiling , an overall ceiling as innovative products , has completed its mission should be completed , the next should be done , it should allow more consumers , potential consumer awareness and acceptance. A revolution against industry standards , the first in the film Alex launched , according to the survey , 99% of people know and understand very well why the "ceiling" thing , then as a ceiling upgraded product , the integrated ceiling , formal specification named overall ceiling the " overall ceiling top" , of course, become justifiably approach.

C says prospective consumers Top overall ceiling of course, is that consumers who buy more fitting .

Can not let the decor companies and consumers more direct communication platform it ?

Can be installed to allow consumers to buy it ?

Convenience, aesthetics , function meet , which is decorated with three key consumers demand .

Top overall ceiling consumers include those who have lived for many years in the old house people .

Floor, wall decor consumers have a cooked in the chest, on top of the decoration is indeed the most fashionable in recent years .

People outside the hard work of the day , go home lying top to look at the ceiling ; bath depends on the ceiling top ; to bed rest for a smallpox have to see the top . To live in a house with more than ten years more and more families , a change to the old house renovated , it has also become more modern choices.

Top overall ceiling of potential consumers but also those who had a three- five years to buy a house .

A product , if you wait until the consumer decides to purchase only to let consumers know that your chances for enterprises already late. The overall ceiling is called for consumers to clear the top , either on the street or in the building materials market , more or in any media , whenever they hear the ceiling roof, consumers can produce the relevant association, for a brand, That was enough .

D industry ‘s direction , authorities say

Overall ceiling industry is currently hanging in the ceiling industry associations to manage the country as an emerging industry sector, it must have a property to let everyone know , if you want associations and enterprises to promote a 1.3 billion people are strange name of the rapid development of the industry will be hampered.

Top overall ceiling will be the name of an extremely competitive .

In the history of Western architecture , architectural design has always been a top symbol of architectural styles , such as the Byzantine , Gothic , Baroque, Rococo , and so on , so people on the roof decoration will spend more energy, this is also one of the reasons foreign diverse architectural styles . Since many foreign top -end interior architecture is often the arc , called the ceiling is not suitable for showing the difference between those who have a special interior roof architectural style called smallpox top , to show the difference between ordinary ceiling .

Top overall ceiling expressed upgrade itself to ordinary ceiling.

Integrated ceiling features:

1 , the board styles . Rectangular mix, Smart combinations, colorful, covered, surface treatment finish strong, durable. The general board is not easy to clean, easy to deform after installation , the disadvantage of aging are excluded.

2 , low fever , doubling warm. Meiling heating bulbs with low color temperature design , the electrical energy into heat energy efficiency is greatly improved , and her strong heat , so little space into a warm hall, using infrared wavelength range of human skin match , relatively low power , people feel warm while saving energy , while only a small portion of the electrical energy into light , people no longer have the glare and eye discomfort . 3 , and the way the whole good . Yuba original product split into several modules, free combination , integrated heating, ventilation , lighting and ceiling as one of the boarding -style ceiling .

4 , ceiling performance optimization. Choose a variety of space and life goals . Were light to heat, cold feet to avoid thermal head ; expansion intake , avoiding ineffective idling ; face to face ventilation combined effects of heat and light to avoid dead ends ; plate Smart assemble, install integrated design , to avoid consuming supplies.

5 , good safety performance. Sheet toughness, the top surface flatness, the board is imported from Germany anodized plate, the surface strong, durable, natural isolation , tidy and good insulation , not easily deformed , aging, easy to short-circuit , disassemble, easy to scrub , a decrease of 2 time wasting , easy upgrading.

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