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1 Introduction to Editing

KINGREAL machinery factory located in Guangdong Foshan, is specialized in aluminum integrated cieling metal molds, metal molds integrated ceiling , metal ceiling molds, metal ceilings punching die , aluminum perforated ceiling tile production equipment, square plate production line machine tools and metal ceiling mold development and production.

2 Development History Edit

KINGREAL machinery factory has 8 years of operating history of metal ceiling mold making , accumulated rich design exploration , production experience and metal ceiling mold maintenance experience , pragmatic work , integrity of others, and the future, dedication painstakingly created for the new and old customers suitable metal product requirements integrated molds, metal molds integrated ceiling , metal ceiling molds, metal ceilings punching die , Integrated ceiling production equipment, production lines and metal side panels mold tools supporting the ceiling . Timely and thoughtful service , "sincerity -oriented, quality first, customer first" for the purpose of excellence .

3 Lvkou molds, equipment classification editor

1, the metal mold Lvkou

2 , integrated ceiling metal mold

3 , metal ceiling mold

4 , smallpox punching die

5 , keel mold

6 , corner mold

7 , grille mold

8 , Article buckle mold

9, 300 × 300 perforated ceiling production equipment , 600 × 600 metal ceiling production line, 300 * 450 abrasive style pattern

10 , Dragon Punch 11 , leveling machine

4 Design Editor

Design 100mm × 100mm to 600mm × 1200mm variety of metal ceiling mold, mold aluminum buckle , shear angle , forming two processes may be out of a pinch right angle or angled metal ceiling products ; factory with mold equipment products.

Integrated ceiling ( also known as the overall ceiling , the combination of ceiling, intelligent ceiling ) after one full bathroom and full kitchen appeared , kitchen ceiling decoration of the upper space of the latest products , it represents a contemporary kitchen ceiling decorated with top technology. Integrated ceiling broke the existing traditional ceiling unchanged, truly original product will be a modular , component-based , allowing you the freedom to choose ceiling materials , ventilation, lighting and heating modules, at a glance , shopping in one step. Through professional market , combined with the current situation of the user and the ceiling of the industry, the culmination of the integration of high-tech , lighting, heating , ventilation , ceiling, warning, nano- sterilization and other industries , to achieve freedom through a combination of various functional modular development , optimization component functions , senior structural engineer specializing in the design , making it organically into the ceiling industry , giving it a new aesthetic definition of integrated modules Desperate electrical current research completed are: lighting module , the module heating , ventilation modules, multifunction modules (MP3 , hygrometer, alarm ) , all designed with high-tech nano surface bacteria , including lighting module , heating module has exceeded the original structure and quality on the market.

What is Integrated ceiling device ? Specialized machine is designed to produce an integrated ceiling of each cell module.

China Integrated ceiling sulfuric acid equipment : a machine designed to produce professional manufacturing integrated ceiling of each cell module. Modules are integrated ceiling lighting mold, mold heating , ventilation die , as long as accompanied by Chinese sulfuric acid can be integrated ceiling punching a variety of devices integrated modules . Simple, easy to use.

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