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Ceiling Tiles Choose for wet Area

Time:2019-07-04 Views:144

REVIEW: bathroom ceiling according to different shapes, use different materials, such as flat can choose Lvkou , PVC wall panel, plastic sheet , together with the metal ceiling production line. The vaulted ceiling and other art can use a little soft waterproof board , soft board, plastic sheet , or another variety of stained glass as a decorative highlights.

General ceiling height , the family bathroom shorter mostly in developed countries , and in quite a few houses, toilet height equal to the other room , so in order to avoid too empty , lonely , general ceiling height of 2.3 meters can be designed in to 2.6 meters . If the toilet area more than eight square meters , it is recommended to install at the top washbasin cosmetics counters , more distant from the water closet storage configuration , or set aside a place to do daily dressing purposes.

First of all, when you buy ceiling materials , pay attention to the keel Lvkou and its accompanying accessories should meet product quality requirements, it is best to buy together , to prevent the models do not mix, so as not to affect the ceiling effect ; during transport and stacking process, buckle to place a flat plate , not pressure, high temperature and to avoid erosion and harmful substances.

Secondly , during installation, the installation of the keel to ensure smooth , generally pitch deviation should be controlled within 1.5 cm . If the size of a deviation, then the order should be thoroughly adjusted inlay is inserted , shall not be a hard plug to prevent deformation. Bathroom ceiling material should be made ​​of metal , plastic and other materials , try not to use wood materials, because the bathroom is the shower to wash the place , moisture is relatively large, with wood , then easily deformed , which has nothing to do with the quality of water .

Finally , large lamps , exhaust fans and other appliances should be used alone or as a fixed keel , not directly resting on aluminum buckle , otherwise it would Lvkou deformed or even fall off, affect the appearance , but also the existence of security risks. Yuba good placeholder while other reserved checkpoints . In home decoration in general, people do not like to set the ceiling manhole , that affect the appearance , this is a misunderstanding . Once the ceiling within a certain pipeline equipment failure , you can not check in what position , what is the reason fails, can not guarantee timely repair. So, for the laying of pipelines ceiling, it is better to default manhole recommended default in more subtle and easy inspection of the site, and maintenance port for artistic treatment , thus ensuring the overall appearance.

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