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Development of metal Ceiling Products

Time:2019-07-04 Views:136

Development of metal ceiling

In recent years, the utilization rate ceiling decoration in the home is increasing. When people put floors, walls carry some revolutionary armed forces , which would heartily enjoy endless pleasure elegance and lifestyle . So, this stock fashion style and quickly spread to the house where the last piece of fashion never meddle - roof.

From the initial papered ceiling drywall to the later use , maybe people just to solve the problem of flat roofs . Even more of these materials have drawbacks , it will not think too much of the solution. And now, when people decorate the roof needs more time , PVC board, mineral wool board , aluminum ceiling tile production line, metal ceiling , such as a variety of ceiling materials began to appear on the market. Whether it is the type of material and service life , or decorative effect , there is a great development . With the development , metal ceiling with its superior performance and numerous advantages to become the protagonist of this home improvement project. And now many manufacturing integrated ceiling have experienced this development process, and is undoubtedly the Tuscan intelligent integrated ceiling to the development of a more complete interpretation .

2 metal ceiling topics

Aluminum is a light non-ferrous metals , metal properties make it suitable as a ceiling material, and aluminum as raw material to Lvkou also once made ​​people pay attention . Lvkou lightweight aluminum with a metal forming the outer layer and then spray paint special process , even if long-term use does not fade , and the construction is relatively simple, easily deformed, bent or intermediate situation also does not appear to fall after the installation , can guarantee ceiling smoothness.

But the fatal flaw Lvkou susceptible to oxidation , the defect on the material determines the need for further updates ceiling materials development . Therefore, the metal ceiling started to enter people‘s vision , has increasingly shown its superiority as a ceiling material . Metal ceiling is the main raw material of aluminum -manganese alloy or magnesium alloy . Base metal ceiling products imported high magnesium content in general , and therefore lighter materials , better flexibility and hardness of the material , but now there are companies such as Tuscany electric start using aluminum magnesium manganese alloy stamping ceiling modules , let ceiling lighter, thinner , more rigid toughness . . Some metal ceiling more unique processing technology eliminates the corrosion and wear problems ceiling surfaces , such as Tuscany intelligent integrated ceiling ceiling paint handling module after three in the process , its ceiling surface corrosion and anti -wear ability to get remarkable improvement. This metal ceiling in the past more for airports, shopping malls and other public facilities or other public office premises . And in recent years , due to people‘s home ceiling materials have become increasingly demanding , this high-performance metal ceiling materials will be in a strong surge of momentum to the rapid development of the market for household ceiling . Since the construction of public facilities in the application process , the metal ceiling showed a near-perfect performance , it is also more to get the majority of home users of all ages use the ceiling . Metal ceiling is not only able to fire, moisture, sound-absorbing , sound insulation , as well as a unique anti-static dust-proof effect. It actively improve the quality of performance in front of several of the ceiling material defect , the ceiling is the perfect combination of function and beauty to a new height. Not only the quality of the metal ceiling ceiling materials has been a great leap forward in performance in the highly decorative appearance changes , and diverse choice of color allows consumers to create a truly personalized roof sky. In " Le Sloan ," for example , the structure of its unique shape , which attracted the attention of many people pursue fashion . Ordinary flat ceiling, can be accompanied by a pleasant tone , creating a relaxing living environment for a day of intense physical and mental relaxation and rest completely ; unique curved design , but also to create a three-dimensional interior space , allow people to have extended visual enhances the sense of space bedroom ; special graphics and shaped ceiling ceiling colorful , changing the shape of the previous model of the ceiling , breaking the limitations of thinking , of course, is the choice for the fashion crowd .

Metal ceiling relative to the general Lvkou investment costs slightly , but not a short-term investment in home decorating , use a long time, poor choice of various quality issues that may arise so that people have to be careful when choosing ceiling . A production process and improve brand marketing system not only allows the product quality and security, but also to provide comprehensive pre-and after-sales service . So now many families are choosing to buy ceiling decoration integrated ceiling ten brands .;

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