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Development Trend of Intergred Ceiling Market

Time:2019-07-04 Views:395

Integrated ceiling this seemingly simple , yet cause vibration products building materials industry , as did many manufacturers and distributors bring new opportunities . But despite five years time, but the product has a " light " speed in development. From simple ultra- bright flat series , to today‘s bump -shaped plates and appearance, the pace of the entire development of the industry has never stopped. Sales increased from a few million to tens of millions now several billion , the annual output value is also doubling every year . From the current point of view , integrated ceiling tile making machine manufacturers still life‘s gusto .

The ancients said , " people Proverb worries ," is to tell people if there is no long-term plan , there will be upcoming hardship . For enterprises, integrated ceiling , there are always concerns , or near , or far , or both all there , just at different times in different manifestations Bale. I think in addition to their own building , entrepreneurs consider more in the future is how to expand the field of application of market share and the product .

A huge renovation project in the field of space

Integrated ceiling from the "birth" of the day seems to have doomed its fate , can only be used in the field of home decoration . Some companies directly called " kitchen ceiling ," can also be seen from the name has been identified only can be installed in the kitchen and bathroom. However, some companies will also extend to products such as the living room and balcony space . But these are just products on the use of an extension , or to determine the home improvement category. The author believes that a bigger room for improvement in the field of integrated ceiling products in the renovation project , but the tooling market will also exist many risks.

Integrated ceiling products from the current point of view, the specification has been developed from 30 × 30 to 30 × 45 CM, 30 × 48.2 CM, 30 × 60 -cm specifications. On morphology appeared new sheet metal buckle plate , shaped plates and new materials applications. These specifications of the products widely used in home decoration, renovation projects and large-scale commonly used in the 60 × 60 cm large plate . If companies want to enter the integrated ceiling fixture market , it must be altered in size , of course, for enterprises, it is simple enough to do.

The author believes that integrated ceiling enterprises to enter the market, the most advantageous tooling or appliances and plate unity. For example, how will existing engineering decoration lighting improvements , making it more in line with the entire ceiling products aesthetic standards , how to make a fuss on the tooling plate to develop a more modern products to . So, if companies want to break into the integrated ceiling fixture market, will first play to their strengths in product innovation should first .

Tooling market has many features , such as the requirement of funds is relatively large, the market enters the tooling must have sufficient working capital to support the huge project operations. Unlike existing tooling market business model of integrated ceiling as customers generally to large engineering decoration company mainly products through tooling company will enter the market, but the risk of this being another relatively large, triangular debts so that many enterprises are facing the risk of failure . So, although the tooling market has great potential , but in order to truly integrate into the corporate ceiling , then he should make adequate preparations , under the conditions are not yet ripe to refrain from blindly into .

Second, the new rural construction boost sales continue to grow In recent years, China is trying to promote the new rural construction, China ‘s rural market focused on the largest number of our country , the greatest potential consumer groups, China‘s economic growth is the most reliable and long-lasting source of power . By promoting the construction of a new socialist countryside , you can speed up the development of the rural economy , increase farmers‘ income , so that millions of peasants potential willingness to buy into the reality of a huge consumer demand and stimulate economic growth continued throughout . In particular through the strengthening of rural roads, housing , energy, water , telecommunications and other construction , both production and improve farmers‘ living conditions and the consumer environment , they can digest the current excess capacity in some industries , promote the development of related industries.

In Jiangsu, Zhejiang gap between rural and urban area is very small, from the real estate market, the county and the town‘s housing prices have been higher than rates in urban areas. Jiaxing , for example, real estate prices has been maintained Jiaxing between 4500-6500 yuan / square meters, while the prices are high Haiyan 7000 yuan / square meters , the gap between urban and rural areas is very small indeed . New rural construction to improve the living standards of the rural people , and people living on the conditions and the environment also have certain requirements.

Integrated ceiling as a new kitchen ceiling products have been accepted by most people , and now in some areas just radiate to the secondary cities , relatively outlets in the town is still relatively small market, and it is this huge potential It is an opportune time to enter the market at this time . First, is not particularly keen on competition , higher profit margins. Plus the new rural construction necessarily improve people‘s living environment , home decoration become a hot consumer is inevitable development of the times . And with the improvement of people ‘s living standards , home decoration engineering design refined, modern home decoration materials , integrated ceiling products also have considerable room for development.

So , I believe that as time goes on , integrated ceiling products in the rural market is bound to have a hot time .

Rural market in the next few years the demand for building materials is enormous , integrated ceiling enterprises should grasp this opportunity to extend to three channels quickly , and rural market to use available resources to make products quickly occupied the local market.

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