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Different Size of Aluminum Ceiling Panel

Time:2019-07-04 Views:201

Lvkou : aluminum pinch compared with the traditional ceiling materials , textures and decorative flu better. Aluminum gusset plate is divided into two sound-absorbing panels and decorative Species, acoustic panels with round hole , square hole , a long hole , rectangular hole , triangle hole , the size of a combination of holes, etc. , which is characterized with good corrosion , shock , Waterproof , fireproof, acoustic performance , smooth surface. Floor are mostly white or leaden ; decorative plates with particular emphasis on decoration, clean lines and smooth , press

Color divided bronze , gold, red, blue , milky white and other colors. Divided by the shape of the strip , square, grid-like , etc., but can not be used in the kitchen shaped grille , Bathroom ceiling ; rectangular plate maximum specifications600mm * 600mm aluminum ceiling plate production line300mm * 300mm aluminum celing tiles making machine,About the width of the room in general

5 Meters, larger home The choice of room decoration strip plate overall feeling stronger , the decoration of a small room can be used in general 300mm * 300mm The . Thermal insulation of the metal plate

Can the poor , in order to get some sound absorption, thermal insulation function , the choice of metal plates ceiling decoration , you can use the plus glass wool, rock wool and other insurance Temperature and acoustic insulation and sound absorbing material way to achieve the effect .

Currently , Lvkou on the market , including strip Lvkou , square aluminum buckle , metal grille, one of the most widely strip Lvkou range of applications, manufacturing plant

Home more different specifications can be seen . Strip Lvkou roughly the following specifications: length is generally 3 M 4 M two kinds ; width 3 Cm to 30 PCT There are a variety of collision between the meter specifications ; sheet thickness is generally 0.4 ~ 0.9 Between mm. Market prices 50 ~ 150 Yuan / Meters.

When home improvement in general there are two places to consider installing Lvkou ceilings , one bathroom , one kitchen , then, would a good choice Lvkou ceiling Good considering .

Lvkou tricks on the market range, but generally only two ways: the color range of the flat type , white crocheted flowers . So, when you choose to Note What meaning does the problem

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