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Grooved Type T Grid Introduction

Time:2019-07-04 Views:165

Paint keel on a very similar appearance and aluminum keel is a material commonly used in the ceiling , its role and aluminum keel is the same, but also to aesthetics, from a scaffold effect. Accompanying the calcium silicate board and mineral wool board.

In the materials, they are different , paint keel , raw iron. Aluminum keel is made of aluminum. In the process, there are two different aluminum craft paint keel relatively more simple, but its production is very strict requirements for the machine , the same appearance, support. As ceiling materials , ancillary is calcium silicate board.

Both of whom have an advantage , obviously aluminum keel , because aluminum keel treated after paint does not wear , no rust , no discoloration , corrosion , erosion , even for outdoor corridor ceiling , there is no quality problems. The paint , paint keel its raw materials are iron, rust , change , paint, a long time on all issues emerged, especially in damp places can not be used , it is generally the bathroom are made ​​of aluminum alloy keel as and calcium silicate board support. Because aluminum keel also waterproof .

Stereo groove paint keel main features are:

1, the use of high-quality polyester paint surface bilayer , colorless table

2 , rotating bite expertise, increase system strength

3 , lap -style design , beautiful keel Interface

4 for supporting the construction of a variety of mineral wool ceiling, aluminum box ceiling , calcium silicate boards, etc.

5 , but it also has a quick installation, easy to use, quick disassembly , etc. .

In addition to the three-dimensional paint keel groove , there are many series

♦ flat paint keel

Decorative surface with matte coated steel , fine texture , no color Multi- roller molding , smooth surface ; high strength, fast and easy installation

♦ narrow flat paint keel

Simple and elegant styling , excellent shock resistance Light weight , easy to install and efficient

♦ Groove paint keel

Slotted black and white to choose from , stereoscopic Easy to install, the system securely , and can replace T- aluminum keel production line

♦ dimensional paint keel groove

Using double-sided color coated steel as raw material, soft color, clear lines , three-dimensional sense of strong High dimensional accuracy , with tight, with metal and mineral wool acoustic ceiling panels supporting the use of modern building interior ceiling is a classic product

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