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How to Tell the Quality of Aluminum Ceiling Tile

Time:2019-07-04 Views:176

First to tell you that failure is that good or bad Lvkou Bohou lies aluminum texture, general engineering Lvkou 0.8 millimeters , or even require thicker , why? Because some projects with the pinch very long, in order to prevent distortion, so use a little thicker , larger hardness , on the contrary , home improvement with aluminum ceiling tiles making machine, with little more than four meters , but nothing too ceiling on Lvkou heavy items , so used Lvkou home decoration , so to speak , 0.6 mm is sufficient to use.

Determine a good or bad Lvkou see two , the first one mainly to see Lvkou texture , and the second is to look at the film is good or bad . Texture, how to see it, put a big bend bending aluminum buckle , whether there are cracks in the middle of the board look . 2 . Look coating , laminating of imported and domestic , covered mostly with high brightness, high -quality film can keep 25-30 years do not fade , do not molt ; while low -quality film in general a few years faded.

Return for the thickness of the aluminum buckle , and in this we explicitly tell you that 0.6 mm is sufficient . To greater fame on certain imported brands Lvkou market, for example , the prices are more than 300 yuan per square meter , but its thickness is how much? 0.5 mm ! Than 0.6 mm might as well ! Why , the board is good or bad is not the thickness, but in the texture of the product . In fact, if you are a brand consulting Lvkou then to mid- speaking, mostly 0.6 mm .

Why are some brands of 0.8 mm but bad? Figuratively , some no-name aluminum ceiling , using aluminum cans , aluminum itself because of quality problems , so they want to do Lvkou thin but impossible, because aluminum is not good, the board did not the solution is to pull evenly thin , so thick that they can only go in to do the same in the case of the cost , then peritoneal get thinner .

So, when choosing Lvkou , except to note that the surface finish of the product , but also to observe the board ‘s thinness is uniform , Yong Shounie about the board and feel , flexibility and toughness is good enough .

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