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Installation Procedure of Open Ceiling

Time:2019-07-04 Views:237

⑴ elastic line

Ferreted out with the water level in the room on each wall ( column ) angle horizontal points ( if the wall is longer, it should be properly copied several intermediate points ) , the pop standard lines ( lines from the ground level as is usually 500 mm ) from the standard line capacity to manage the ceiling height , with a chalk line along the wall ( column ) pop standard line, under the ceiling is covered wire grill . Meanwhile , according to ceiling plan , the concrete roof pop main keel position. Main keel middle to both sides of the ceiling should be a maximum distance of 1000 mm and a solid point marked boom , boom firmly spacing 900 mm to 1000 mm. Beams and pipes in case of strong points greater than manage requirements and procedures , boom should grow firmly point grill ceiling production line.

⑵ firmly hanging rods

Take the bolts firmly hanging rods . You can take ф6 boom . Boom can take cold drawn steel and steel plate round , but took a round steel plate to be taken to straighten dull . One end of the boom with the L30 * 30 * 3 Corner welding ( aperture angle code should be determined according to the diameter of the boom and expansion bolts ) and the other end can be used to set out more than 100 mm tapping the screw, you can buy silk products welding rod . Making good rust treatment should be done to punish boom , boom with expansion bolts firmly on the floor , with a blow hammer drilling, should be slightly larger than the pore diameter of bolts .

⑶ light steel keel furnishings

Strut channels should be hanging on the boom ( such as a lower ceiling can omit this step  loss , directly held next procedure ) . Usually taken as 38 light steel keel, pitch 900 mm to 1000 mm. Strut channels should be parallel to the length of the room furnishings , and should bagging, bagging height of the room span of 1 /200 to 1/ 300 . Strut channels cantilever section shall not be greater than 300 mm, or should the growth boom . Main keel should be taken to take a long butt , butt keel adjacent to discuss staggered . Strut channels should simply hang up after leveling . Span more than 15m above the ceiling should be in the main keel, every 15m plus a large keel and main keel vertical welding firm .

⑷ spring furnishings : metal frame with a boom and connections (such as a lower ceiling can spring directly on the boom omitted  furnishings lose the process) , pitch 900 mm to 1000 mm, and then spring card boom on .

⑸ grille assembly primary and secondary bone

The primary and secondary bone grille below pre- press requirements better manage drawings .

⑹ grille decoration

The pre-installed ceiling grid with a hook hole worn in the main bone lifted , the entire ceiling grid connection , the mediation to the level you can . 1 , process

2 , the operation process ⑴ elastic line

⑵ firmly hanging rods

⑶ light steel keel furnishings

⑷ spring furnishings

⑸ grille assembly primary and secondary bone

⑹ grille decoration

3, the quality scale

4 , finished cover

According to the above questions are finishing what students actually encountered made ​​for reference, if a similar problem please , correct me.

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