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Integrated Ceiling And Aluminum Ceiling Product

Time:2019-07-04 Views:157

Unsightly vertical integrated ceiling brand overseas , so the annual output value of over billion enterprise now allies a long , integrated ceiling tiles industry is still in the market transition period, this era of market implied as : brand names , standardization is low, competition is weak, the market followers who fiddle with their followers and a far cry from , you can hunch is that in the next 3-5 years will show more Hene ceiling industry ‘s competitive workplace scenes, but not a leading position in Europe to send a shake .

Contrast with other industries , aluminum manufacturers Maori side through integrated ceiling up to 30-40 %, while the clouds gather around to face the market stage , the annual increase of more than 30% of the market opportunity, and a handful of global brands , voluminous cross-industry found a giant felt the future , relying on its own under the wind in integrated ceiling industry has given poor harvests , integrated ceiling industry received a menacing forward to this "cross-border war ." Why is it difficult to integrate enterprise ceiling of doing things well ?

In the face of 50 billion market capacity, integrated ceiling top ten brands less than 10 % market share, its growth potential can be imagined , this coexistence is Hongzhuang market opportunity.

Confluence areas outside the industry , among the top ten brands occupy less than 10 % of the overall market share of the world have thousands of regional brands everywhere. As long as the industry matured abundant growth , the number of firms will be low.

Look invention observe the market , now integrated ceiling is not very high prevalence of family , and now can only say that the concept of integrated ceiling in common, but the prevalence rate otherwise be Pumping theory , especially in the southern region of large absolute minority in the traditional family is still progress ceiling stage.

Furthermore, in terms of timber erection , nor the composition of the standardization of the industry, Conceiving standard raw material consumption specifications of the standard , the standard install and install integrated ceiling in the effort to build a trader with a landlord or their matching criteria.

Difficult large integrated ceiling industry , marketing and doing things big Mo has not discouraged connected more with the micro market environment itching pretty coherent , implied as the rail system is not completed , and pending the completion of the final Ferry ‘s .

In the plan the terms, integrated ceiling difficult to do business for the sake of doing things cause the table now :

In today‘s regional brands will continue even after a long period of effort implied that its strength , the reason is that the cause of regional brands owned fake relative convergence in the local area , the market is echoed fast, small radius of doing things , which happens to be the world‘s resignation enterprise integrated ceiling expansion of the biggest topics bumped problem .

Integrated ceiling products, processes long , long period , manufacturers entered only semi-finished products , which allow manufacturers to control high -end skill requirements.

Aluminum ceiling behind the rapid development in our country , there is a four- point problem , the problem of these four points are as follows :

1 scale aluminum ceiling production companies generally are relatively small, with poor price competition war to snatch clients. This continues , only cheaper foreign , let sit back and enjoy .

2 domestic aluminum companies are lack of brand awareness smallpox , so far no one more well-known aluminum ceiling enterprises. Aluminum ceiling manufacturers so we believe that the current brand building is the primary aluminum ceiling industry to solve the problem , we have been working hard , be sure to do the brand in Europe Bai smallpox sound bigger.

3 rampant plagiarism and imitation , innovation seriously deficient pan . The reason for this problem is only because the domestic training institutions rare designer‘s design capabilities are not upgrading !

4 aluminum ceiling products is relatively low technological content . In fact, the integrated aluminum ceiling has to compete with foreign products exist fatal flaw .

This factor is now four points of the aluminum industry Mishap smallpox , want to improve , we must come slowly , we aluminum ceiling manufacturers will be continuing efforts to make our industries early in aluminum ceiling with the world ! Please keep your attention on our site !

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