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Introduction of Aluminum Ceiling Tile and Surface Treatment

Time:2019-07-04 Views:170

Beautiful ceiling decoration is an indispensable part of the overall quality of the ceiling can not only beautify the living room , but also play a protective roof, easy-to- clean effect , hidden pipeline. In the current home decoration , kitchen, bathroom, balcony and other locations will be used ceiling . People in the decoration of general concern cabinets, furniture and other bulky products , the ceiling actually not very concerned about , but in fact , the ceiling material is well chosen not only to ensure the life , but also eliminates a lot of trouble . But to pick a good ceiling materials , eye-hand and use is necessary for the perforation ceiling tile production line.

The most common Lvkou top

The decorative ceiling panels, keel , hanging wire and other materials composition, may often for new as needed , it is very convenient to the home of a single product . Depending on the decorative plate material, can be divided into the ceiling gypsum board ceiling , metal ceiling panels , glass ceiling , PVC ceiling panels , etc., the cost is relatively cheap gypsum board , PVC board , followed by the most durable metal plate but higher prices. Currently home improvement is mainly used in the metal plate Lvkou ceiling .

But aluminum is relatively soft , so the market is actually Lvkou aluminum alloy ceiling, there are aluminum-magnesium alloy, aluminum -manganese alloys. Pinch of high hardness aluminum-manganese alloy , aluminum-magnesium alloy increases the hardness also added some brightness. Texture, strong decorative effect . High quality aluminum-manganese alloy buckle because good corrosion resistance , commonly known as stainless aluminum.

Lvkou surface treatment of four types: Lvkou on the market in the sale of a variety of surface treatments , such as spraying, roller coating , laminating , etc.

Spraying : Spray simply is the color of the powder by spray gun on the board , please note , is first made ​​of aluminum coil cutting board and color, this color will always be a particle board surface , uneven color distribution over the , and easier to fade.

Roller : Roller coating process is actually the color of the powder spray gun to the surface through which the main difference is that all of the powder is better, the second is basically a computer-controlled equipment , high accuracy , they are able to ensure a uniform spray .

Film : Film simply, it is covered with a layer color film on the aluminum surface treatment which is an innovation in the late 1990s. Film characteristics can be maintained for decades that does not fade , change color , many colors , sensual , and difficult to James Gray good care .

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