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Solution and Introduction of Ceiling Products

Time:2019-07-04 Views:159
Currently, the average family renovated bathroom, kitchen ceiling , the most use PVC board, metal ceiling, we choose metal ceilings , especially when Lvkou , be sure to note the following:
1, the observed surface is smooth, beautiful, high-quality aluminum ceiling tile production line surface is more delicate and smooth.
2 , smell plate, if the plate with a strong pungent odor, is harmful to human health , so we should be carefully screened , try to choose a safe , odorless ceiling materials .

3 , try not to use wood keel , because moisture large kitchen and bathroom with wood ceiling , then easily deformed . For example, to do with the keel plate plaster ceiling, because the coefficient of thermal expansion and contraction of the sheet is larger than plaster , wood keel stereotypes will directly lead to cracking plaster ceiling , easily affect the quality and safety improvements .

4 , the choice of home decoration metal ceiling thickness of not less than 0.6 mm , of course, should not be too thick , it is best to select a standard 0.6 mm thickness.

5 , suggest that you try to choose when buying metal ceilings reputable brand awareness or high ceiling materials .
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