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Factors affecting the price of aluminum strip ceiling

Time:2022-01-04 Views:2586

The price problem of aluminum strip ceiling is that customers who purchase aluminum strip ceiling will ask the aluminum strip ceiling manufacturers about the issues every time.


Aluminum strip ceiling is one of the commonly used ceiling materials in decoration, which is produced by Linear Ceiling Machine. Aluminum strip ceiling products are characterized by easy installation, light weight, and long-term practicality. The installation has a strong three-dimensional effect, can be fireproof and moisture-proof, and the aluminum strip ceiling has a good ventilation effect.


Therefore, it is welcomed by more and more consumers. The following will take everyone to understand the factors that affect the price of aluminum strip ceiling, hoping it will be helpful to you.


The first factor affecting the price: The material of aluminum strip ceiling.

Formal ceiling aluminum strip ceiling manufacturers use high-quality 1 series aluminum panels as raw materials; 1100 aluminum plywood panels commonly used in the aluminum strip ceiling industry, whose hardness and flexibility meet the national product requirements.


During production, use advanced Linear Ceiling Making Machine, and do surface treatment when the overall performance of the ceiling aluminum strip is good.

The material of the aluminum strip ceiling is a very important basis for the quality of the ceiling aluminum strip ceiling, which is also reflected in the high flatness of the ceiling aluminum strip ceiling price.


The second factor affecting the price: The surface treatment of aluminum strip ceiling.


Aluminum strip ceiling is classified into three categories according to the surface treatment process: electrostatic spray aluminum strip ceiling, roll-coated aluminum strip ceiling and coated aluminum strip ceiling.


Electrostatic sprayed aluminum strip ceilings are mainly used in schools/hospitals/offices/showrooms/aisles/shopping malls/supermarkets. Because sprayed aluminum strip ceiling is cost-effective, high-quality, stable and fast delivery, they have become one of the must-chosen products for many buyers.


Three factors affecting the price: the thickness of the aluminum strip ceiling:


The commonly used thickness of engineering aluminum strip ceiling is 0.6-1.0mm. Within this range, its rationality and usability are very good. Too thin affects its flatness, and too thick aluminum strips are used. The higher the price.


Of course, in order to achieve the purpose of the transaction, some merchants of poor aluminum strip ceiling often use ordinary impurity aluminum plates or recycled aluminum as raw materials for production, and the surface is sprayed with a new type of PVC film. The aluminum ceiling and quality the surface of a good aluminum strip looks the same, but there is a big difference inside.


Therefore, the purchase of aluminum strip ceiling cannot be based on the high price of its quality, but according to the current actual needs, a qualified and qualified aluminum strip ceiling manufacturer must be selected.


Hope today’s sharing is helpful to you!

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