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How to properly install the metal ceiling?

Time:2022-01-27 Views:2870

The metal ceiling has also been very popular in recent years. Many families have installed the metal ceiling during the decoration. But do you know what should be paid attention to during the installation?

Let us find out today!


1. What kind of house can install the metal ceiling?

The metal ceiling is produced by Metal Ceiling Tile Press Machine, which is not only a decorative effect in the house, but it also masks the passage through the metal ceiling and makes the house look more beautiful, but not all houses are suitable for installing the ceiling.

Today, the height of many houses has been reduced, generally around 2.6-2.8 meters. If the ceiling is installed, the house will be relatively low, and it is easy to feel depressed, especially for taller owners.

2. The weight of the metal ceiling material is bigger and the quality is better.

When installing a metal ceiling, some homeowners know very little about the installation of the metal ceiling. The heavier the quality of the decorative material, the better the quality. It is necessary to remind everyone that the material of the ceiling should be of good quality, but not equal to be weight. In addition, the installation of the metal ceiling is not suitable for heavy materials, because the load capacity of the top is limited. If the weight range of the sinking force is exceeded, it may even cause the metal ceiling to drop. We should pay attention to the installation of the ceiling.

3. The keel cannot use wood materials

The keel is an important part of the ceiling. When installing metal ceilings, many homeowners choose light steel joists. Some owners feel that wood joists are easily deformed and not strong enough.

In fact, wood keel is not as unbearable as people say, but because there is no choice, wood keel is not the same in different places. For example, in the bathroom, it is necessary to consider moisture protection. In a flower house, it is necessary to consider pest control.

4. Dont blindly pursue luxury

In pursuit of a luxurious effect, some homeowners use glass, metal and other materials when installing the metal ceiling. Not recommended for large-scale use.

For example, although glass has a good decorative effect, its weight is relatively high. If the construction technology is not up to standard, it is easy to leave a safety hazard in the future. In addition, the metal ceiling should match the decorative effect of the house. If the decoration of the house is not so luxurious, the metal ceiling will blindly pursue the luxury effect, which may affect the decorative effect of the house.

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