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Precautions for the removal of baffle ceiling

Time:2021-12-20 Views:2617

It is inevitable that there will be installation errors or want to change the office area during the ceiling of the baffle ceiling. If you want to use baffle ceiling that was originally installed, you need to remove baffle ceiling that was installed before. The method of dismantling directly guarantees whether it affects its secondary use.

There are many points to pay attention to when dismantling. On the one hand, it is the consideration of the construction safety of the building, and the other is the consideration of the secondary installation of the baffle ceiling.We remove the installation parts as cleanly as possible when dismantling, and cannot keep the previous ceiling structure, such as some suspenders, pendants and other facilities used to carry the weight of the ceiling. 

So how should the baffle ceiling be dismantled, and what should we pay attention to when dismantling it? As a professional metal suspended ceiling making machine manufacturer, the following KINGREAL will introduce a few points that need attention. 

For the demolition of baffle ceiling, if you are not a professional construction staff, do not demolish it as much as possible. Because the top ventilation duct and flue may be damaged during the removal time, if this happens, it will cause a lot of trouble. In view of this situation, contact professional construction personnel. If you must dismantle it yourself, there are some things you need to pay attention to.


1.    Attention to the circuit. When the baffle ceiling is installed on the ceiling, there will be some circuits arranged inside it, so when disassembling the baffle ceiling, what needs to be done is to cut off the power supply to prevent unnecessary dangers.

2.    Pay attention to safety. Baffle ceiling are all suspended on the top of the house. No matter how simple it seems to be dismantling the suspended ceiling, you need to pay attention to the safety issues during disassembly to prevent the suspended ceiling from being injured or scratched ceiling from being injured or scratched when it is dropped. Wear protective gloves and a safety helmet. Demolition work will be carried out after fully armed.

3.    Protect other household equipment. For household equipment that cannot be moved, such as air-conditioning and heating pipes, before removing the baffle ceiling through ceiling, protective measures must be taken to prevent damage during the disassembly process.


4.    Overall removal of ceiling decoration. In the home decoration ceiling, people will decorate many ornaments on the ceiling in pursuit of aesthetics. When disassembling, in order to prevent insufficient ceiling load capacity and safety problems, these decorations need to be removed as a whole, especially the suspension rods, pendants and other structures in the original ceiling that carry the weight of the ceiling.

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