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Metal Ceiling Carrier Making Machine

Linear Metal Ceiling Carrier Making Machine

Kingreal Linear Metal ceiling Carrier Making Machine is designed for producing carriers for linear metal ceiling panels. KINGREAL can customize ceiling carrier production line to meet your needs, including baffle ceiling carrier, square suspended ceiling carrier and so on.
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     Description of Linear Metal ceiling Carrier Making Machine 

    KINGREAL Linear Metal Ceiling Carrier Making Machine can produce different shapes and different width linear ceiling panels and carriers of corresponding sizes, which used to installed the suspended linear ceiling.

    Kingreal can provide complete linear ceiling production solution. The shapes of linear ceiling can be G/V/H/C/S and etc.. The width of linear ceiling can be 100-300mm. If you have special production needs, please feel free to contact us!

    linear metal ceiling machine

     Kingreal Successful Projects 

    linear tile machine

     Main Components 

    2 in 1decoiler - straightener
    auto punching machine
    main roll forming machine
    cutting station
    output table
    electrical control system

    linear strip ceiling machine

     Features of Linear Strip Ceiling Carrier Making Machine 
    1.Long Service Life

    ① The forming frame of linear tile carrier roll forming machine is welded using high strength channel steel, which has the main features of high strength and long service life.

    ② The molds of linear tile carrier roll forming machine are made of GCr15, quenching treatment, hardness: HRC 56-62 °C. And the material of the roll shaft is 40Cr, and the hardness is HB280 after quenching and tempering treatment. High-strength, high-frequency roll forming operation can be ensured. With the characteristics of long lifetime and high-precision.
    linear ceiling machine
    linear metal ceiling panels machine
    2.High Quality Components

    Kingreal linear metal strip ceiling roll forming machine comes standard with Siemens motor, Panasonic PLC, Panasonic inverter, Omron encoder. Ensuring precise operation of linear strip ceiling carrier roll forming production.
    3.Automatic design

    ①KINGREAL linear metal strip ceiling carrier making machine adopts a two-in-one design of decoiler and straightener, which is used for coil sheet metal unwinding and straightening tasks. Combined decoiler and straightener not only save the land costs but also increase the production efficiency. To meet automatic production needs, Kingreal can offer hydraulic decoiler, and an optional trolley for fully automatic metal loading.

    ②Adopting PLC full-range intelligent control, and the automation program is high, safe and efficient. The staff do not have to go back and forth, they can control the overall situation simply by operating on the touch screen.
    linear metal strip ceiling machine
    linear aluminum ceiling machine
    4.Strong Compatibility

    Different ceiling systems require different ceiling carriers. As a professional metal ceiling roll forming machine manufacturer, KINGREAL can provide diverse types of metal suspended ceiling carrier making machine. Including linear strip ceiling carrier, u shape baffle ceiling carrier, square suspended ceiling tiles carriers and so on. Kingreal metal suspended ceiling carrier production line can meet diverse metal ceiling carrier production needs. If you have any customized production needs, please feel free to contact us!

     Complete Linear Strip Ceiling Production Solution 

    KINGREAL has over 20 years experience of design - production metal suspended ceiling roll forming machine. Kingreal linear metal ceiling making machine can produce multiples types of strip ceiling, including:

    1. U shape baffle ceiling roll forming machine (Auto width & height adjustable)
    2. C-shape linear suspended ceiling roll forming machine
    3. S-shape linear ceiling roll forming machine
    4. H-shape linear suspended ceiling roll forming machine
    5. G-shape linear ceiling roll forming machine
    6. Round tube ceiling roll forming machine
    7. V-shape strip ceiling roll forming machine
    8. Aluminum Louver Ceiling roll forming machine
    9. Linear Strip Ceiling Carrier roll forming machine

    linear ceiling panels machine

    In order to make the production process of ceiling manufacturers more efficient and simpler, Kingreal can provide a complete linear metal ceiling production solutions, which is combined linear strip ceiling panel roll forming machine and linear strip ceiling carrier making machine. Combining 2 production line can not only greatly increase the production efficiency but also improve production consistency. 

    As market demand gradually expands, more and more u shape baffle ceiling manufacturers choose to purchase these u baffle ceiling panel and carrier production lines from KIGNREAL.

     Kingreal‘s Factory 

    To integrate R&D, KINGREAL has established our own factory, located in Foshan, Guangdong. We are looking forward to reaching long-term and stable relationships with customers around the world with our professional capability and consistent level of service!

    metal linear machine
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