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Metal Perforation Line

160 Ton Galvanized Steel Sheet Perforation Production Line

KINGREAL galvanized steel sheet perforation production line is a machine specially designed for the production of perforated galvanized sheet products. 

     Metal Perforation Production Video

    Description of Galvanized Steel Sheet Perforation Production Line:

    KINGREAL galvanized steel sheet perforation production line is a machine specially designed for the production of perforated galvanized sheet products.

    This product is widely used in the construction field, such as building components requiring corrosion resistance, outdoor landscape applications, stairs, floors and indoor and outdoor furniture, outdoor security fences and privacy screens, vents, etc.
    KINGREAL galvanized steel sheet punching production line produces galvanized sheet through basic production processes such as uncoiling, leveling, punching, slitting and stacking to ensure the accuracy of the product.

    Production Reference Data:

    Maximum size: 1250*2500mm
    Maximum thickness:  6mm
    Punching accuracy:  ±0.1mm
    Axes Control Four  (XYTC)
    Repeat positioning accuracy:  ±0.1mm
    Main motor power:  3.0KW
    Power supply:  30KVA

     Galvanized material data reference:

    Galvanized sheet thickness:             0.5 mm to 1.2 mm
    Aperture:  3mm
    Spacing:  5mm
    Board width:  1250MM board
    Length:  2500MM

    Production Line Part Features:

    1.Precision Leveler

    KINGEAL precision leveler adopt 21 rolls for straightening, which can realize high precision.

    2.High-speed gantry press machine

    - 200SPM perforation speed

    - 125ton powerful press machine

    - Up to 6 Tiles/min speed

    -Compatible with Lay-in and Clip in

     Why choose punched galvanized sheet?

    In the construction industry, steel is popular as a high-strength material with advantages such as economical practicability and high form-ability. However, due to long-term exposure to the air, the oxidation reaction occurs and it is easy to rust, reducing its durability. A zinc protective coating on the surface is one of the best options for preventing rust in perforated steel.

    Finally, perforations are made in the galvanized steel sheet, which can prevent damage to the steel sheet caused by corrosive elements. Therefore, punched galvanized sheet has also become a popular product;

    KINGREAL metal punching lines can not only punch galvanized sheets, but also can choose the  aluminum sheet, stainless steel sheet, copper sheet, brass sheet, Iron sheet, nickel alloys, metal ,mesh and carbon steel plate a raw material for punching, it can meet the different needs of customers.

    ----------------------------------------------How To Install The Machine?-----------------------------------------

    In order to help our customers to solve machine installation problems, KINGREAL will provide both online and local installation services.

    ----------------------------------------------What Are The Customer Said?-----------------------------------------

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