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Metal Perforation Line

Coil Punching Aluminum Sheets Machine

KINGREAL Coil Punching Aluminum Sheets Machine is design for produce different hole perforated sheet coil, which high quality punching machine.

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    Description Of Coil Punching Aluminum Sheet Machine

    Aluminum Sheet Perforated coils are manufactured by Coil Punching Aluminum Sheet Machine.  Throughout the rolling and feeding operation, their ends are free to distort. After stamping, they are then twisted back into regular coils.

    coil perforated production line

    The coil punching machine is run by a decoiler that coils the sheet metal before it is fed to the perforation machine, which punches it with a precision die. Once the punching is complete, the sheet metal is then recoiled by the rewind machine to complete the line.

    Advantage Of  This Perforation Machine

    1. Reduced production costs
    The metal sheet punching and winding line can achieve large volume processing production. In addition to rewinding, KINGREAL also provides production equipment for shearing in order to meet the production needs of different industries, which greatly reduces the cost of raw material processing and handling in factories.

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    2. Improved production efficiency

    Due to the systematization of the metal punching line equipment, it has the ability to perforate and produce in short time. This allows for a reduction in labor and efficient use of resources.

    3. High quality production 

    The line allows for fast and efficient punching processing. It has precise control system, automatic adjustment function and high reliability, which can realize high precision punching processing.

    Technical Specification

    Maximum stamping width 1.25m
    Punching speed 45-70 times/min
    Maximum stamping thickness 2.0mm
    Aspect 2500x1800x2000mm
    Control way digital control
    Power 7.5kW
    Weight 5500kg

    Production Process Of Sheet Punching Production Line

    1. Material preparation: clean the metal plates and install them on the punching machine.

    2. Pressure adjustment: adjust the pressure of the punching machine to ensure that the punching machine can work properly.

    3. Hole location determination: determine the hole location to be punched and determine the punching size according to the specific requirements.

    4. Punching process: use the punching machine to punch according to the determined size and hole position.

    metal sheet hole punching machine

    5. Hole position check: check the completed hole position of the punching to ensure that the punching size meets the requirements.

    6. Clean-up: Clean up the finished metal sheet after punching and place the finished product in the corresponding position.

    7. Quality check: check the quality of the finished product to ensure that the product quality meets the requirements.

    Application Of  Perforated Sheet Plate

    In addition to being frequently employed in architectural constructions, where it can be utilized for supporting structures and decoration, the perforate sheet is also used to produce home appliances, furniture, and parts for automobiles.

    It can also be utilized as a heat exchanger material and in the production of several mechanical devices, including reels and propellers.

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     Customized Perforation Line 

    After years of experience accumulation,Kingreal have successfully customized diverse solutions in different perforation production area, such as Coil Perforation and Rewind Machine , Perforated Coil Slitting Machine and etc.. If you have special perforated production needs, welcome to contact us!

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    Coil Perforation and Rewind Machine Perforated Coil Slitting Machine

    Customer Visit

    It is such a delight to have friends coming from afar. KINGREAL is warmly welcome customers to visit our factory and communicate with us!

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    Kingreal‘s Factory

    To integrate R&D, KINGREAL has established our own factory, located in Foshan, Guangdong. In addition to maintaining close contact online, many of our customers also choose to visit our factory to observe the production of machines and communicate with us face to face. We are looking forward to reaching long-term and stable relationships with customers around the world with our professional capability and consistent level of service!

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    Please submit your basic information, we will contact you as soon as possible!





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