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Sandwich Panel Production Line

Full Automatic Aluminum Honeycomb Panel Production Line

KINGREAL has been specializing in the sheet forming industry for more than 20 years, designing different production solutions for our customers. With the KINGREAL Aluminum Honeycomb Panel Machine, it is still possible to offer customers a wide range of production possibilities.

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    Description Of
    Aluminum Honeycomb Panel Production Lines

    KINGREAL aluminum honeycomb panel production line is a general term for the equipment and processes used to manufacture honeycomb panels. This production line usually includes processes such as honeycomb core material preparation, panel coating, core lamination, cutting and packaging.

    metal honeycomb panel

    Honeycomb panels are made by sandwiching a honeycomb structure between two layers of panels, and this material is widely used in construction, transportation, decoration and other fields. Aluminum honeycomb panel forming machine can realize efficient, stable and automatic production process, which greatly improves the production efficiency and quality of honeycomb panels.

    Structure Of Honeycomb panel

    - Fluorocarbon Spraying Type Baking Finish

    - Chromated Layer

    - Aluminum Plate

    - Adhesive Film

    - Aluminum Honeycomb Core

    - Adhesive Film

    - Polyester Baking Finish

    aluminum honeycomb panels


    Working Procedure Of Aluminum Honeycomb Panel Production Line

    Expanding -- Calender -- Laminating -- Cooling -- Leveling -- Trimming -- Cutting -- Stack

     honeycomb metal sheet

    Technical Specification

    Coil Thickness :  0.3-1.0mm
    Coil Weight :  3T
    Product Thickness : Honeycomb Plate 5-30mm
    Design Machine Column Speed :  0-8m/min
    Production Speed :  2-6m/min
    Roll Width Range :  800-1600mm
    Machine Power : 538KW
    Dimension :  4000*380*300cm

    Advantage Of This Production Line:

    Efficient production:

    Honeycomb panel forming machine adopts automatic production method with high production efficiency, which can quickly manufacture a large number of honeycomb panel products.

    Cost saving:

    Compared with traditional manual production, honeycomb board forming machine can reduce labor cost and improve production efficiency, thus reducing production cost.

    High product quality:

    Honeycomb panel forming machine adopts mechanized production method, and the products produced have high consistency and stability, which can meet the customers‘ requirements for product quality.

    honeycomb steel sheet

    Application Of Honeycomb Panel:

    Honeycomb panels are widely used in many fields such as furniture manufacturing, building decoration, automobile manufacturing, aerospace, etc. The following are the main features of aluminum honeycomb panels:

    Lightweight and durable: The honeycomb core of metal honeycomb panel makes them very lightweight, yet still provides excellent strength. This makes metal honeycomb panels ideal for use in sectors such as aerospace, automotive and construction.

    Sound and heat insulation properties: The honeycomb structure of aluminum honeycomb panels can effectively isolate sound and heat. This is great for interior decoration and insulation.

    Easy to install and maintain: The lightweight nature of metal honeycomb ceiling panel makes them easy to handle and install. Additionally, cleaning and maintenance are relatively simple.

    aluminum honeycomb composite panel

    Complete Metal Honeycomb Panel Production Solution

    KINGREAL focusing on the production of metal processing production over 20 years, we can provide a complete solution of metal sheet system production, including metal tile and metal tile carrier.

    KINGREAL can provide Spring Tee Roll Forming Machine for producing carrier of metal honeycomb panel. Combination of Metal Honeycomb Panel Production Line and Spring Tee Roll Forming Machine is convenient for your metal honeycomb panel system production and favorable to improve product consistency.

    metal honeycomb core

    Kingreal‘s Factory 

    To integrate R&D, KINGREAL has established our own factory, located in Foshan, Guangdong. In addition to maintaining close contact online, many of our customers also choose to visit our factory to observe the production of machines and communicate with us face to face. We are looking forward to reaching long-term and stable relationships with customers around the world with our professional capability and consistent level of service!

    alu honeycomb

    Kingreal in Diverse Exhibitions 

    aluminum honeycomb board

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