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Square Metal Ceiling Machine

Full Auto Suspended Ceiling Tiles Production Line

KINGREAL is the most professional manufacturer of sheet metal processing equipment in China and is able to provide completed metal ceiling solutions, such as fully automated metal ceiling production lines.

    Working Process Of Full Auto Metal Ceiling Tile Production Line

     Description Of Full Auto Suspended Ceiling Tiles Production Line

    KINGREAL Full Auto Suspended Ceiling Tiles Production Line is one of our features product, which is design for specifically designed to automate the production of ceiling products of different sizes, including both lay-in and clip-in types.

    full automatic metal ceiling production line

    This metal ceiling production line can realize a series of fully automatic production processes from decoiler, leveling, punching, washing and so on.

    Main Components Of Metal Ceiling Tile Machine

    - Hydraulic Decoiler 

    - First leveling

    High-Speed Gantry with NC feeding perforation

    - Corner cutting

    - Second precision leveling

    - Manipulator

    - Bending

    - Degrease Part

     Working Process Of This Production Line

    Specification Of Metal Ceiling Press Machine

    Sizes of material

    610 x 610 mm (Lay-in)                     

    Thickness of material

    0.3-0.4 mm (GI Steel)

    0.5-0.6 mm (Aluminum)

    Inner diameter

    Φ 500

    Outer diameter

    Φ 1200

    Maximum load

    5 tons

    Width of material

    <700 mm

    Feeding speed

    16m / min

    Punching stroke

    20 mm

    Punching pierce


    Machine Feature

    Hydraulic Decoiler

    The hydraulic decoiler has an automatic feeding frame, and it needs manual input for materials.

    High-Speed Gantry Press Machine

    We use 120-ton high speed gantry press to punch the holes. This machine uses pneumatic brake system to replace the old gear drive system. This will ensure the accurate perforation and higher speed production.

    Notching and Shearing Press Machine

    Our 2-in-1 notching, and shearing press machine can do corner-cutting and cut-to-length at the same time, which saves time and improves productivity.

    ---------------------------------- Installation Drawing--------------------------------

    ceiling metal sheets making machine

    ---------------------------------- Application Of Metal Ceiling Tile--------------------------------
    ---------------------------------- Application Of Metal Ceiling Tile--------------------------------

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