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Square Metal Ceiling Machine

Metal Ceiling Tiles Bending Forming Press

Machine Name: Metal ceiling tile bending forming press
Products Name: Square suspended metal ceiling tiles
Products sizes: 300*300MM, 600*600MM, 600*1200MM, 300*1200MM, 600*1800MM, 450*450MM
Automation: Manual operation OR full automatic production with auto manipulator
Certificate: CE certificate, ISO 9001 certificate
Machine Power: 380V 50HZ or according with customers‘ request
Speed: 15PCS/min for manual operation, 10PCS/min for auto bending forming 
Main Features: Equipped with air cooling system, Famous brand hydraulic system, light curtain safety protection

    Video About Metel Ceiling Bending Machine

     Machine Detail

    KINGREAL Metal Ceiling Tile Bending Forming Press is for the bending forming of different sizes of square metal ceiling tiles including 60*60CM metal ceiling tiles, 30*30CM aluminum ceiling tiles.

    Metal Ceiling Bending Machine

    KINGREAL hydraulic bending forming press can do the bending forming of CLIP IN, LAY IN, Tegular on tiles by change different bending forming molds sets.With our specially designed auto feeding system, our bending forming press can produce the metal ceiling tiles full auomatically. 

     KINGREAL Design For Metal Ceiling Bending Machine

    KINGREAL uses four column hydraulic press to do the four sides corner cutting for the perforation metal sheet. For different sizes of metal suspended ceiling tiles, we use different capacities hydraulic press. After do the corner cutting, the sheet can be formed on the bending forming press.

    hydraulic bending machine for metal ceiling

    KINGREAL developed specially molds set for cutting the four corners and shearing the perforated sheets as well. And we have unique design to do the notching of 600*600MM and 600*1200MM ceiling tiles on the same machine. 

     Application Of Metal Ceiling Bending Machine

    With ourself developed auto feed manipulator, auto turn and auto stack system, it can achieve full automatic production of metal ceiling tiles. The machine is featured with easy to opeartion, stable running, high speed output and it can also avoid working injuries.  

    By changing of different molds set, our machine can produce CLIP IN ceiling tiles, LAY IN suspended metal ceiling boards, Tegular on square metal ceiling plates, LAY ON ceiling tiles, Access Panel and also other different types products. KINGREAL hydraulic press is equipped with safety light curtain to ensure the safety production and continously production. 

    Our machine can bending forming different sizes of metal ceiling tiles, most commons products including 30*30CM aluminum ceiling tiles, 60*60CM metal ceiling tiles, 60*120CM metal ceiling tiles, 30*120CM ceiling boards, 45*45CM, 60*180CM, 120*120CM suspended ceiling system. 

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