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Automatic Tee Bar Suspended Ceiling Production Line

KINGREAL Full Automatical T Grid Ceiling Making Machine are the most advanced technology from china which consist of 3 cold Roll Forming Machines to produce Main Tee Grid, Cross Tee Grid, Wall Angle Profile

      Video About Ceiling T Bar Roll Forming Machine  

     Product Composition Of Tee Grid Making Machine :

    KINGREAL Full Automatical T Grid Ceiling Making Machine are the most advanced technology from china which consist of 3 cold Roll Forming Machines to produce Main Tee Grid, Cross Tee Grid, Wall Angle Profile

    main Tee cross Tee wall angle profile
    Main Tee Cross Tee Wall Angle Profile

    (Suspended Ceiling T Grid System)

     Production Process : 

    metal tee bar making machine

    Pre-painted material coil & G.I. material coil → Roll forming → Hydraulic cutting-off → Main Tee Grid / Cross Tee Grid / Wall Angle Profile (Roll Formed) → Opening Punching (Power Press)

     Device Details:

    1) Technical Process Introduction:   

    The profile forming process: Passive decoiling--- 15T hydraulic hole punching, reinforcing bid pressing---material feeding--- roll forming--- straightening--- hydraulic cutting off---- material unloading, all the process finished automatically.
                                        ceiling t bar roll forming machine
       Tee Grid Production Line
    2) Production Line Compoesition:

    The whole line is composed by decoiler, hydraulic punch press, feeding device, roll forming machine, straightening device, hydraulic cutting off, cold water recycling device, pneumatic and electric control system, etc.
    3) Decoiler (as drawing)

    Bearing 1T, Inner diameter φ450-530mm, out diameter φ1200mm.

    4) Rack

    a. One piece construction, the roll forming device, straightening device, cutting off device is a whole unite. The rack receives heat treatment after welded, fine finished surface, which ensuring the intensity, rigidity, stability and accuracy of the machine.
       t bar grid decoiler
         ceiling t bar punching machine

    5) Feeding device: synchronism adjusting rollers.

    6) Punching Machine
    This line equipped with 15T hydraulic punching machine.

    7) Roll Forming Machine
    Roll Forming rollers: material GCr15, hardness after heat treatment HRC48-50, hole diameter (roller shaft diameter) φ42mm, the min. outside diameter of rollers isφ100.

    8) Transmission Device: (as drawing)

    a. Main motor (Jiangmen Jiangyan motor), Frequency control.
    b. The driving rollers are driven by three sides belt, the passive rollers are driven by gears, with center distance a=75, reduction ratio i=30 worm gear case, gear mould m=5. Main side plate thickness: 30mm, deputy side plate thickness: 25mm. Finished by six sides grinding and boring holes treatments.
    c. The material of main shaft is 40Cr, finished after heat treatment and refine grinded.
    servo control systemn

     Parts Details :

    9) Hydraulic Cut Off device: (as drawing)

    a. Hydraulic system: the system has unloading protect function, the hydraulic components use Taiwan Dazheng brand.
    b. Mould rack: the mould plate closed height is 260mm, the adjustment range of the closed height is 20mm, the max. stroke of oil cylinder is 100mm.
    c. There is straight guide track under the mould rack (ABBA brand), the relocation of the mould rack replying the push of buffer pneumatic cylinder.
    d. The cut off mould: design as the botch of the production, equip with another cut off mould.

    10) Straighten device: use five roller straightening device. (as drawing)

    11)  Unload of the material: the production is guided out through material guide slot.

    12)  Cold water cycling system: the roller are equipped with cold water pipes, use electric water pump, the cold medium is emulsified oil.

    13) Electric system
    a. Use frequency converter, centre auto control, use the fixed rule to adjust the length and automatic cut off.
    The air switch and contactor us Japan Fuji, reply use Japan Izumi, the button use French Schneider, other components use good quality imported production.

    14) Pneumatic components: use famous Taiwan brand.

    15) Safety protection.
    The installation of electric components is according the regulation of China, we supply reliable earth contacting devices. There are emergency stop button at the punching side.

    16) The color of machine
    The color of main equipment is according the requirement. The alarming marks are sticking to the safety position where is dangerous for human.

    3. Working Environments
    1) Power supply: voltage 380V±10%/ three phase four wire, frequency 50HZ.
    2) Total power: 12kw
    3) Air rate: 10.0L/min (air pressure 0.4-0.6Mpa)
    4) Environment temperature: 0°C-40°C, relative humidity: 60-95%RH.


    machine quality control

    1) After the installation, debugging of the machine by the supplier in the factory, then the buyer check and accept the machines.
    2) The supplier is in charge of training the buyer’s worker about the operation and maintenance principle, the knowledge of rejection of the usual failure of machine, the safety attentions and the daily maintenance.

    Celing T Grid Size for your reference.
    By using best materials to assure highest strenght with perfect surface quality. Please find below specifications we normally produce:
    Ceiling T-bars:
    Main Tee:H38*24mm, H32*24mm
    Cross Tee:H26*24mm, H24*23mm
    Angle:22*22, 22*20MM

    Length can be supplied as buyer requested
    1) To fix mineral fiber board or PVC laminated gypsum board and other Ceiling board. 
    2) Available models:

    Who Are We?

    KINGREAL MACHINERY is one of the most professional metal sheets forming machines supplier in China. We have a team of experts who have over 25 years of experience in Full-Automatic Metal Ceiling Tiles Production Lines with Fleece Sticking, Semi-Automatic Metal Ceiling Tiles Production Lines, High-Speed Metal Sheets Perforating Lines, A-shape/Triangle Roll Forming Carriers, Tee Grids Ceilings Production Lines, Independent Fabric Sticking Machines, etc.
    At present, KINGREAL has successfully transported the machine production to all over the world, including the United Arab Emirates, India, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Pakistan and other countries

    (Welcome To Our Factory)

    Local After-Sale Service

    In order to be able to effectively solve customer needs in the first time, KINGREAL has set up localized service points in many countries and regions, such as India, Russia, Turkey, the United Arab Emirates and Qatar. Localized service points in other countries and regions are also in progress
    Please submit your basic information, we will contact you as soon as possible!





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